The power tool for querying Prometheus

Build, understand, and fix your queries much more effectively with the ultimate power tool for PromQL

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Take the guesswork out of your PromQL

  • Don't remember the syntax?
  • Trying to track down an error?
  • Unsure what data you are working with?
  • Having trouble understanding a complex query?
  • Wondering why a query returns an empty result?
  • Want best-in-class autocompletion, highlighting, and linting?

Whether you are building queries for dashboards, alerts, or ad-hoc insights, PromLens takes the frustration out of working with PromQL and helps you build, understand, and fix your queries in a much more effective way.

Edit confidently

Get best-in-class autocompletion, highlighting, and inline linting while typing an expression.

The metric names, label names, label values, function names, operators, and modifiers, are completed and linted contextually.

Build visually

Create and modify PromQL queries using a form-based editor.

No need to memorize or look up all PromQL language details. The form-based editor makes all query types and options accessible in a visual way.

Debug & fix

Enter any PromQL query and visualize all of its sub-expressions as a tree.

Instantly see the number of results, available labels, and potential errors, at every part of the query.

Connect to any PromQL-compatible system

PromLens works with any PromQL-compatible endpoint, like Prometheus itself, Thanos, Cortex, Timescale / Promscale, and other compatible systems.

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Show any part of a query tree as a table or a graph.

Whereas Prometheus can only execute an entire query, PromLens allows you to visualize any part of the query tree.

Learn & Understand

Understand what each part of a query is doing, and how it works under the hood.

The query explain view tells shows you how binary operators match series together, what functions do, and more.

Deploy PromLens

Deploy PromLens as a Docker container. Getting started with the free version is simple:

$ docker run -p 8080:8080 promlabs/promlens

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Make any PromLens page shareable with all its state.

Whether you are a newbie wanting to get help from an advanced user or an expert showing a query to a beginner, sharing a PromLens page is a great way to start learning and talking about queries together.

Connect to Grafana

PromLens can connect to your existing Grafana installation to let you select and query Prometheus datasources configured in Grafana.

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